Water Is the Softest Thing

thanks to The Department of Cultural Affairs and The Center for Cultural Innovation Los Angeles, Ruth und Paul Wallach Stiftung

Water is the softest thing, yet it can penetrate mountains and earth.
This quote from Lao Tze coins the name of the first EP of the Laura Chihaia Trio. It describes the concept of renouncing rigor and violence and thus the apparently paradoxical acquisition of pure power. Water Is the Softest Thing is the first album by the Swiss-American Laura Chihaia Trio, with Laura Chihaia on piano, Masatoshi Sato on bass and Andrew Lessman on drums. The trio experiments in the field of free jazz improvisation and with the EP Water is the Softest Thing is searching for music in its essential nature, outside of form and predetermined harmony structure. The Laura Chihaia Trio sees itself as an encounter of different languages and styles: Masatoshi Sato, who studied under Charlie Haden, already stands in direct relationship with Ornette Coleman’s music, Andrew Lessman is active in both the jazz and the pop scene and Laura Chihaia was educated in the school of classical music and European modern improvisation. These influences add to an interesting vocabulary, a form-detached experience of music. Intimacy, spontaneity and warmth define the sound of the trio.
Laura Chihaia Trio