Laura Chihaia starts attending piano lessons at the age of 5 and pursues a classical piano training with respected teachers such as Verona Maier in Bucharest, Grigory Gruzman in Weimar and Ronald Brautigam at the Musik Akademie Basel, Switzerland. As part of her formation she participates in various masterclasses with Akiko Ebi, Jay Gottlieb, Pietro de Maria, Yong Hi Moon and Sir András Schiff. In 2017 she takes on the journey of improvisation as part of the Minor in Jazz at the Jazzcampus Basel. There she works with Malcolm Braff, Guillermo Klein and Jorge Rossy, developing a sense for improvisation and composition likewise. As a soloist, devoted chamber musician and improviser she performs in Switzerland, Romania, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Spain and Mexico in venues like the Stadtcasino Basel and Konzerthaus Berlin. In recent years she has focused on the work on classical contemporary repertoire alongside Jean-Pierre Drouet, Jürg Henneberger and Mike Svoboda, expanding her pianistic vocabulary, including extended techniques. Her wish for a greater, more unified art form developed into interdisciplinary collaborations with the Bundesjugendbalett Hamburg, the UWE-Festival in München and the Theater Basel in the production „Das Grosse Heft“, directed by Tilmann Köhler. Her experimental nature led her to performative concerts, such as Maurizio Kagel’s La Trahison Orale, but also to a collaboration with the Swiss artists Alvin Schwaar and Michael Anklin, a trio in which she performs as a singer. At this point in time she carries a busy concert schedule, with programmes varying from solo classical piano recitals, over contemporary chamber music to interdisciplinary projects and free jazz improvisation. In the past years she created the Laura Chihaia Trio alongside Los Angeles based Andrew Lessman and Masatoshi Sato, where she seeks finding and shaping her own musical horizons. Their album Water Is the Softest Thing appeared 2020 on HOUT records and is available on all streaming platforms.